How A Walkie Talkie Can Improve Safety For Outdoors

by Mother Huddle Staff
How A Walkie Talkie Can Improve Safety

Keeping yourself and the people you are traveling with safe while exploring should always be the main objective, and that’s why you should always bring along a walkie-talkie.

Walkie-talkies are an ideal gadget for campers, hikers, mountain climbers, or other outdoor enthusiasts because they provide instant communication and come with many features that help save people’s lives in emergencies.

No matter what type of outdoor adventuring you plan on undertaking, a walkie-talkie will come in handy!

Going kayaking? Walkie-talkies are waterproof. Trekking up mountains in a group and forgetting the path? Never get lost with a walkie-talkie. Accidentally fell and injured yourself? With a walkie-talkie, you can sound an alarm.

There are multiple scenarios in the outdoors where walkie-talkies can save the day, and that’s why it’s important to always carry them with you in case of the unexpected!

The importance of walkie talkies

While a 2-way radio will not start a fire or cook your meals, it will provide light when it’s dark with an LED torch and a GPS so you won’t get lost.

The great outdoors can throw many obstacles in your way when you least expect them, and one way to provide you with extra security is by equipping yourself with a trusty walkie-talkie.

Stay in contact

We’ve reached the digital age now where keeping in constant communication with each other is no longer an issue – unless you’re 2000 feet above the ground and don’t receive any signal from your cell phone to contact anyone.

In such cases where you find yourself so high in altitude, a walkie-talkie will be your best friend for communication.

They provide instant communication for up to 10 Kilometers, block out 90% of background noise for better audio quality, and come with multiple frequency channels to communicate with each other. So, you can always be in contact with your group in any situation.

Travel light & compact

Walkie-talkies are built for all weather conditions, from snow to torrential rain and thunderstorms, meaning your walkie-talkie will always work as long as it’s charged.

While being nearly indestructible from falls with their sturdy construction, they are also lightweight to carry around with you up and down mountains.

They can fit easily in a utility belt for climbers, plus they have hands-free communication, making it safer to climb with both hands without needing to press a button to talk each time.

Always have light

A feature that is always needed when the sun goes down over the mountains is a flashlight. Luckily, if you didn’t bring one with you, a walkie-talkie has one built-in!

Nearly all walkie-talkies come with a built-in LED light to protect you in dark areas. The LED light especially comes to your rescue when searching for firewood in the woods after the sun goes behind the mountains.

Keep an eye on the weather

One of the most impressive features of some walkie-talkies is the weather updates. The Cotre rechargeable walkie-talkie is considered the best walkie talkie for accurate weather updates.

Since the weather conditions over mountains change rapidly, it’s always safer to be prepared for any drastic changes.

Be in charge

Unlike mobile phones that need to be constantly charged via USB after a few games on CandyCrush, walkie-talkies are powered by AA & AAA batteries.

The charge (depending on the model) lasts for up to 100 hours. So, as long as you carry a few extra batteries in your bag, you will always have your walkie-talkie charged and ready to use in an emergency.

Final thoughts

Walkie-talkies have saved the lives of numerous hikers over the years – and that is due to their flawless communication features in severe weather, long battery life, bulletproof construction, and distress signaling feature that alerts anyone listening on the frequency to come for help.

No matter what activity you plan on doing outdoors, a walkie-talkie is the perfect safety guard!

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