6 Crafting Projects for Adults

by Mother Huddle Staff

Maybe it’s the stress of everyday life, the isolation or quarantine, or simply the need to find outlets for creativity that is often left dormant as we grow older, but the crafting market is more popular than ever.

If you are interested in getting your creativity flowing, here are 5 activities that may be the perfect outlet.

Coloring Books

There are adult coloring books for every interest, from pop culture to positive vibes to plants. According to Jordan Gaines Lewis, a neuroscience doctorate student at The Pennsylvania State University, this activity “it’s a way for people who have never felt very artsy to literally add some more color into their lives” and a way to escape into their imagination, even just for a few minutes.

Diamond Dotz

According to Diamond Dotz Canada, these stunning designs are created using tiny diamond-like facets. These giant puzzle-like pieces offer crafters an escape from reality and a relaxing way to create beautiful and shimmery designs featuring everything from animals to flowers.

DIY Soap

Crafters looking to pick up their game and create items that will make great gifts or even profits, do-it-yourself soaps may just be the project you need in your life. The ingredients list can be long and the options for sent plentiful, but with a little concentration, you can create soaps that smell good for every nose.

Balloon Garland

This is more than just a craft — it’s also the perfect decoration for any event, whether you are at home, a restaurant, a retail store, or event space. These colorful garlands can adorn doors, windows, mantles and are easy to make and can perfectly fit the style and color scheme you’re going for.

Decorated Wine Glasses

Another do-it-yourself craft project that results in a great gift or even a potential item to sell in a local shop is decorated wine glass. Adorn them in glitter or paint, these pieces can be made to commemorate a special occasion or be put under the tree at Christmas. When you’re making these, don’t forget to think about whether or not the materials you are using are dishwater safe, otherwise your wine glass might not last too long.

Rustic Wreath

Do you need decoration for your door? How about a rustic twig wreath? All you have to do is collect branches from your yard and then find a video on YouTube, such as this one, that will walk you through the process.

Just because you’ve grown out of play clothes and sandboxes, that doesn’t mean we have to give up on our imagination. Instead, spending some time crafting — even when we are bad at it — may just help you find the inspiration or relaxation you need for other parts of life.

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